In 2003 Yapısan Textile Tourism Chemistry Building Materials Machinery Industry Trade. Ltd. STI under the name of our company started its commercial activities; by capturing the targeted success in our country, it has decided to pursue these activities in the international arena and Rue Machinery Foreign Trade in 2013. Ltd. Sti. he founded the company.
Our company export area; The bread-and in the Republic of Sudan
Turkey carries out its work until the biscuit factory purchase.
The factory’s needs, enzymes, bakery additives, sacks and bags,
Wheat transport Silobus and Machine spare parts, supplied by the leading companies of our country export is carried out.
In the field of import; Approximately 10% of the sesame market needs in Turkey are met.
Our goal; Growing country and taking our place in the world economy, we have shown our country the same services and quality to play in the promotion of our country by foreign countries and to contribute to the economy